Website+Photo3Kevin Beck is a Ph.D. candidate in the sociology department at the University of California, San Diego. He has published articles and book chapters on gentrification, neighborhood change, residential mobility, support networks, immigration, and assisted housing policy. Please see the research page for more information about each of these projects.
Kevin’s dissertation examines the ways in which housing tenure creates variation in access to social and economic resources among low-income renters. To collect data for the dissertation, he conducted a survey, carried out interviews, and engaged in participant observations at assisted housing complexes for a period of nearly two years.
Kevin is currently working on several projects. He is collaborating on a paper that aims to explain how the many definitions of gentrification shape estimates of renter-displacement. With a co-author, he is working on a paper that examines the relationship between gentrification and diversity. And in another project, he is studying how privately owned assisted housing affects neighborhood attainment.